Sponsored by the Maurer Family Foundation

Festival Dates: January 5-8, 2023

This annual festival provides playwrights the invaluable opportunity to hear their words presented aloud and invites audiences to share their feedback in post-reading discussions, which is instrumental to the development and growth of a new play.


  • Thursday, January 5 at 7:30pm
  • Friday, January 6 at 7:30pm
  • Saturday, January 7: Playwrights panel at noon
  • Saturday, January 7 at 2pm and 7:30pm
  • Sunday, January 8 at 2pm

Thanks to all who partipated in the 2022 festival which featured:

  • Wednesday February 2nd, 7:30pm:The Science of Leaving Omaha by Carter W. Lewis 

Iris feels trapped in her job at a crematory and wants to get out of Omaha. When Baker breaks into the funeral home to say goodbye to his recently deceased wife, he and Iris find themselves trying to understand the dismantling of their working-class lives before their pasts, and the police, catch up with them.  

  • Thursday, February 3rd, 7:30pm: Dark Skinned Pavement by TJ Young 

When Harpo’s daycare business is threatened, she and her husband are introduced to Dwaylan – a man who can save her from being shut down. But what Dwaylan wants in return might be more than Harpo is willing to give, as the memory of the one child she couldn't protect comes flooding back.

  • Friday, February 4th, 7:30pm: Past Midnight: A Visit with Larry and Viv by Donna Hoke 

Summoned by Vivien Leigh's final companion, Jack Merivale, Sir Laurence Olivier rushes to the apartment where his former wife has been recovering from tuberculosis. Viv and Larry's love story was as legendary as their careers – until devastating mental illness tore them apart. Is it too late for them to make amends?

  • Saturday, February 5th, Noon to 1:30pm: Playwrights Forum 

An illuminating panel discussion featuring all five playwrights.

  • Saturday, February 5th, 7:30pm: The Chisera by Paula Cizmar 

Set in the Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierra in both 1903 and the present, an early environmental writer and a contemporary scientist confront the questions: What actually constitutes “being green?” And how do we advance the rights of one group without harming another?

  • Sunday, February 6th, 2pm: how it feels to fall from the sky by Dominic Finocchiaro 

After witnessing a woman plummet from the sky, five strangers in New York form a support group to process what they have seen. A melancholic dramedy about loneliness, loss, and the unending possibility of salvation through human connection.  


Mauer Family Foundation to Sponsor New Year/New Plays Festival
- Broadway World, March 8, 2022

Diane and Mark Perlberg - Executive Producers
Penny Bank/Marsha and Stephen Rabb -
Sandra and Bernie Meyer -
Associate Producers