Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman

By Arthur Miller

This Pulitzer Prize-winning, trailblazing play changed American theatre in the person of its everyman tragic hero, Willy Loman, a dime a dozen, disappointed, disillusioned, and delusional traveling salesman with a skewed vision of the American Dream. All he wanted, the playwright wrote in his memoir, was "to count." Or as Willy's wife, Linda, implores, "Attention must be paid."                                                                               

Executive Producer: Toni and Martin Sosnoff
Producers: Nancy Goodes; Ruth Baum; Bernie and Sandra Meyer

Tickets: $69, $89, $104


Preview Performances ($69.00):
Wednesday, March 27th at 7:30pm
Thursday, March 28th at 7:30pm

Opening Night ($104.00):

Friday, March 29th at 8:00pm

Performances ($89.00):
Saturday, March 30th at 2:00pm
Saturday, March 30st at 8:00pm
Sunday, March 31st at 2:00pm
Wednesday, April 3rd at 2:00pm
Wednesday, April 3rd at 7:30pm
Thursday, April 4th at 2:00pm
Thursday, April 4th at 7:30pm
Friday, April 5th at 8:00pm
Saturday, April 6th at 2:00pm
Saturday, April 6th at 8:00pm
Sunday, April 7th at 2:00pm
Wednesday, April 10th at 2:00pm
Wednesday, April 10th at 7:30pm
Thursday, April 11th at 7:30pm
Friday, April 12th at 8:00pm
Saturday, April 13th at 2:00pm
Saturday, April 13th at 8:00pm
Sunday, April 14th at 2:00pm

Event Information

Opening Date March, 29, 2024
Closing Date April, 14, 2024