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The LEGACY Project

In collaboration with Compass Community Center

The purpose of this intergenerational digital storytelling project is to pass down the life experiences of older members of the LGBTQ community, so that today’s teens and future generations will be aware of their predecessors’ struggles, triumphs, and fights for equality.

Each year, LGBTQ young adults from the Compass Youth Program are paired with mature members of the LGBTQ community, who share their personal histories in interviews. The teens weave those interviews into digital stories, which are combined with live stage performances at PBD. The result is a highly memorable, illuminating, and emotional evening.

The 2024 Legacy Project honored Dr. Alina Alonso, Velvet Lenore, Vickie Rossy, and David Traupman & Jesse Walters. The performance took place February 21.

Past Performances:

The 2023 Legacy Project Performance

The 2022 Legacy Project Performance

The 2021 Legacy Project Performance

The 2019 Legacy Project Performance 

The 2018 Legacy Project Digital Stories:


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