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Sustainer Society

As an arts organization, we’re always planning ahead: considering plays for upcoming seasons, maintaining and enriching our education and community engagement programs. And it’s a great help to be able to count on gifts over a five-year period to support our goals.

Become a member with a minimum pledge of $5,000 over five years. For $1,000 a year, you’ll be recognized as a $5,000 donor in our playbill and on our website for the next five years. For a pledge of $10,000 or greater over 5 years, you’ll receive additional acknowledgement on our lobby wall. An option for those taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from an IRA is to make a distribution to PBD, thereby satisfying all or part of your annual RMD.  Such Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) do not count as income for tax purposes.  (This information does not substitute for individual tax planning advice). 

PBD would like to thank members of our Sustainer Society:


Bitasta (Vitti) Chaturvedi, in memoriam
Pamela and Robert Goergen


Penny Bank
Roy Bartolomei and Peter Wronsky
Susan and Joe Biernat
Stephanie and John Pew
Stanley Waldshan, in memory of Carole Waldshan


Karen and Alfred Blum
Elaine and Larry Rothenberg


Gail and Paul Altieri
Atesh Chandra
Paul Bernabeo and David Cohen
Mary Jo and Vince Elhilow
Cathy and Tom Farmer
Ann and Bob Hagelstein
Michael Hoagland and Joseph Kolb
Randy Hoch
Emma Horn
Judy Lewent and Mark Shapiro
Zelda Mason
Sandra and Bernie Meyer
Thomas Moran
Madeline and Arnold Schuster
Shari Santell
Arlene and Richard Siudek
Louise and Barry Snyder
Joseph and Susan Winter Zacherman


Michael Collins and Jim Harshbarger
Gayle Jacobs
Eric Geller and Susan Metzler-Kirkman
Gayle Brody Jacobs
Marcia and Norman Resnick
Esther and Ivan Schaeffer
Jody Sklar and Dana Fishkin
Judith and Howard Weiner


For more information, please contact Development Manager Linda Berman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 561-514-4042 x106.