Twelve Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men

In this timely, timeless, and taut classic, 12 jurors deliberate the fate of a teenager accused of killing his father. Only Juror #8 is uncertain of the young man’s guilt. As he compels the others to carefully examine the evidence, the prejudices and social attitudes of each man are revealed – as are the strengths and flaws of the American justice system.

The show will run approx. 1 hour and 50 minutes.



  • Cliff Goulet, Guard
  • Tim Altmeyer, Juror 1
  • Michael McKeever, Juror 2
  • William Hayes, Juror 3
  • Gary Cadwallader, Juror 4
  • Jim Ballard, Juror 5
  • Matthew W. Korinko, Juror 6
  • John Leonard Thompson, Juror 7
  • Tom Wahl, Juror 8
  • Dennis Creaghan, Juror 9
  • Rob Donohoe, Juror 10
  • David Kwiat, Juror 11
  • Bruce Linser, Juror 12



  • J. Barry Lewis, Director
  • Kent James Collins, Stage Manager
  • Victor A. Becker, Scenic Design
  • Brian O'Keefe, Costume Design
  • Kirk Bookman, Lighting Design
  • Roger Arnold, Sound Design
  • David A. Hyland, Fight Choreographer
  • Tyler B. Osgood, Assistant Stage Manager


Twelve Angry Men Trailer


Interviews with the Director and the Producing Artistic Director

Event Information

Opening Date December, 9, 2022
Closing Date December, 29, 2022