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10 Minute Play Contest

Young Playwrights

Our goal is to introduce the joy of writing for the live theatre to young people, and to give teens a creative voice in expressing their thoughts and ideas. Our program encourages students to write about subjects that are meaningful to them, and to give educators tools to incorporate playwriting into your theatre or language arts classrooms.

We’re pleased to share with you in the photo above the ten winners of our fourth annual Young Playwrights 10-Minute Play Contest, for which we received a record number of submissions: a sure indication of the program’s ever-growing popularity. The contest was open to students in grades 9-12 throughout Palm Beach County, and the winners were chosen by a group of theatre professionals. Macy’s and Kids’ Dreams are the sponsors of the contest.


UPDATE: Submission deadline is Friday, December 10, 2021 @ 5:00pm.
The winning plays will be performed in a staged reading live onstage at PBD in Spring 2022.

Contest Details

  • The PBD Young Playwrights Ten-Minute Play Contest is open to all Palm Beach County students in grades 9 - 12
  • Submission deadline is Friday, December 11, 2020 @ 5:00pm
  • All plays must be submitted by an educator or school administrator
  • 20 finalists will be selected. Each finalist will be given professional feedback for improving and revising their play
  • Each finalist will be given one week for revisions
  • Up to 10 winning plays will be chosen by a panel of professional playwrights and theatre practitioners using a carefully constructed rubric. The rubric is found in the PBD lesson plans
  • Winning plays will be assigned a professional director and actors, and revisions continue throughout the rehearsal process
  • The winning plays will be performed in a staged reading live onstage at PBD in March 2021
  • Each winner receives a $250 cash prize and a beautifully published anthology that includes their play

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson Plans

PBD's lesson plans and documents can be accessed here:
Lesson Plans   Formatting Guidelines   Rubric

PBD offers a detailed 5-day lesson plan with supporting documents and benchmarks that give educators a clear, strong sequence for creating a ten-minute play. However, educators are not required to use PBD's lesson plans. Please feel free to use any lesson plan that complements your process. Educators may also choose to incorporate a portion of PBD's lesson plans into their curriculum.

Submission Information

Please note that all plays must be submitted by a teacher or school administrator. We do not accept submissions from individual students.

  • The deadline for submission is Friday, December 11, 2020 @ 5:00pm
  • All plays must be ten-minute plays. We do not accept one-act or full length plays at this time
  • Plays must be submitted as Word or PDF documents
  • Submit all entries in a folder via Google or Dropbox: Please scan, upload or organize your students' play, and send a link from Google Drive or Dropbox to: Gary Cadwallader
  • Submit through email: Please attach plays to an email and send entries to: Gary Cadwallader
  • Please be sure all plays have a title page with the following:
    • Title of play
    • Author
    • School
    • Teacher name
    • Teacher's email address and telephone number
  • All entries will receive a confirmation email after submission

The Young Playwrights 10-Minute Play Festival

March 2021. Date and Time TBA.

Tickets are free, and must be reserved at the box office

561.514.4042 x2

The staged reading features ten, student-written winning plays, directed and performed by PBD professionals

Immediately following the performance, the student playwrights are recognized for their work and awarded a $250 prize

The winning plays will be revised, edited, formatted, and published along with interviews and photos of the award-winning playwrights

The Young Playwrights winning playwrights are invited to participate in the rehearsal process. While in rehearsal, our winning playwrights will learn how professional playwrights, directors, and actors work together to revise and strengthen their plays.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 PBD Young Playwrights 10-Minute Play Contest!

  • Potassium Chloride by Allison Dobuler – Jupiter High School
  • Cherry Wine by Arce Mckeilla Malabunga – Royal Palm Beach High School
  • Believe Me, I'm Lying by Jordan Monteagudo – Royal Palm Beach High School
  • One Gift to Go, Please by Jane Montgomery – Jupiter High School
  • Old Haunts by Lauren Ortega – Dreyfoos School of the Arts
  • Oh, Potatoes! by Catherine Paulitz – Wellington Community High School
  • In My Head by Jasmine Perez – G‐Star School of the Arts
  • Distractions by Barrett Vargas – Jupiter High School
  • Our New Normal by Ashley S. Watkins – Santaluces High School
  • Return to Launch Site by Grace Wodar – Jupiter High School