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Available Employment Opportunities

Palm Beach Dramaworks is always accepting resumes to keep on file for all technical and design positions. Current openings will be listed below.

Master Electrician:
Palm Beach Dramaworks, a regional theater located in West Palm Beach, Florida, has an immediate opening for a full time Master Electrician. Experience at the professional level is preferred, but early career individuals will be considered.
Candidate must have extensive expertise with the ETC Ion console. Exceptional programming skills a must. Candidate must be fluent with Vectorworks, Lightwright, and QLab software. Additionally, the candidate should have an excellent working knowledge of stage electrics and systems. The position is responsible for hang, focus, techs, and strikes, and running of all shows and events. Responsibilities also include maintenance of all stage electric and lighting equipment. Ability to make repairs and good wiring and soldering skills expected. Must be comfortable with the use of hand and power tools as well.
Additional production design assignments are possible for qualified applicants, at an additional fee beyond the position salary. Secondary skills in any technical or creative area would be beneficial to candidacy.
Position is open immediately. This is a 12 month position with health benefits, as well as paid vacation time. Posted salary is negotiable with experience. Email your resume, references, and any samples of your work to Michael Amico, Production Manager, at [email protected]. Please put “Master Electrician” in the subject line. Absolutely no phone calls.

About Palm Beach Dramaworks:
Palm Beach Dramaworks is a professional not-for-profit theatre company that engages and entertains audiences with provocative and timeless productions that personally impact each individual. Palm Beach Dramaworks is committed to enhancing the quality of life through the transformative power of live theatre. Since our founding in 2000, we've distinguished ourselves with stimulating productions of classic, contemporary, and overlooked plays that inspire, engage, challenge, and entertain audiences. We're equally invested in the community, in education, and in nurturing the future of theatre, and as our reputation has grown, so has our reach and outreach.

Employment at Palm Beach Dramaworks:
In accordance with the hiring policy at Palm Beach Dramaworks, the first 60 days of employment is considered a probationary period. A permanent offer of employment may be made after that time.

Applicant instructions to apply:
This position will receive a salary based on experience. Applicants who meet the qualifications should apply by May 4, 2019. Please send a cover letter and resume to Jennifer Sardone-Shiner at [email protected].

Audition Information for Actors

Palm Beach Dramaworks announces auditions for the 2019/2020 Season



Email Donna Faber at [email protected] with questions or to schedule an audition appointment.



AEA EPA/West Palm Beach, FL

Don and Ann Brown Theatre

201 Clematis Street

West Palm Beach, FL  33401

Monday, May 6, 2019

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

10:00 am – 6:00 pm


FPTA/Vero Beach, FL

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Monday, May 20, 2019


EPA/New York, NY (AEA Building)

165 West 46th Street

New York, NY 10036

Tuesday, May 21, 2018

9:30 am – 5:30 pm


Note:  Equity members will be seen as first priority, we will see non-union actors based on appointment availability.


Audition Requirements:

Two contrasting monologues; 2 minutes each.

For those interested in The Light in the Piazza, be prepared to sing one legit theatre selection in the style of the show (bring sheet music in your key), and to perform up to two contrasting monologues. If you wish to be considered for a specific role, you may also sing from the score. Also, auditions for this production to be held in West Palm Beach on Monday, May 6th only.

2019 – 2020 Season Productions


A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams

J. Barry Lewis, Director

1st Rehearsal:  September 17, 2019

Runs:  October 11 - November 3, 2019


Blanche Dubois – Female, late 20s – late 30s; Refined, complicated, delicate, she has beautiful manners, a love of the arts and all thing beautiful and elevated.   A fading southern belle, she ended up back on the crumbling family plantation after a disastrous early marriage and became a schoolteacher. After the last relative died, she lost the family estate and was left completely impoverished and alone.  She prefers magic and illusion to the reality of her life, has a hazy relationship with the truth and often disappears into flights of fancy. She has lived a relentlessly hard life, filled with loss and pain, and she’s starting to crack. She has arrived on her sister Stella’s doorstep in a very downscale part of New Orleans, penniless, after being chased out of her last teaching job for seducing a student.  This is her last chance at happiness and she is determined to find it.


Stanley Kowalski – Male, late 20’s-late 30s; working class, charismatic.  Crude, highly sexual and loves the basic pleasures of life, including bowling and poker with his friends. He is earthbound, coarse and ill-mannered at times.  Unpredictable, he is prone to random fits of temper and violence. Ambitious and driven, he has worked his way up from assembly line worker to selling auto parts.  He is fiercely in love with Stella, highly irritated but also fascinated by Blanche, who is his complete opposite in many ways, but not all. He has no patience with her games and her spinning of the truth, and ends up raping her.


Stella Kowalski – Female, late 20s-late 30s; Blanche’s attractive younger sister, born into the same fading aristocratic southern family but she escaped into the arms of Stanley.  Although he is not her social equal, she is madly in love with him and they have a strong physical connection. She is pregnant with their first child. She is grounded; much sturdier, more adaptable, and more down to earth than her older sister.   She looks up to her beautiful older sister Blanche, and feels guilty about leaving her behind to care for their family and property.


Harold “Mitch” Mitchell – Male, 30s-early 40s; Solid, working class, Stanley’s poker buddy.  He is kind, if a bit thick and rough around the edges, and has an essentially gentle spirit. He falls in love with Blanche.   He is very tied to his dying mother, who would like him to settle down with a woman before she dies. He is salt of the earth, loyal and would be a good provider.   Blanche sets her cap for him, but when Stanley informs him of her less than pure past, he rejects her.


Eunice Hubbell – Female, 30s-40s; Blanche’s landlady and friend, knowing, earthy, tough, she keeps the place running and is constantly fighting with her husband.  Big, generous spirit, she helps Stella with figuring out how to handle Blanche.


Steve Hubbell – Male, 30s-40s; 2-3 scenes, Working class, Stanley’s poker friend, Eunice’s husband, loud and boisterous, likes a good joke.   He and Eunice are constantly bickering about various domestic issues and his wandering eye. Helps sober up Stanley after he hits Stella.


African American Woman – Female, 30s - 40s; 2-3 scenes, 4-5 lines, Hearty laugh, also tough, she is a neighbor, Eunice’s friend and amused fellow observer of the Dubois family drama.


Mexican Woman – Female, 50’s-60s, Haunted look, 1 scene, tries to sell flowers for the dead to Blanche.  Her lines are in Spanish.


Pablo Gonzales – Male, 20s-30s; 2-3 scenes, working class, Stanley’s poker friend, funny and earthy, helps sober up Stanley after he hits Stella.


A young Collector – Male, 18-22; Innocent, pure and fresh look, 1 scene, comes to Blanche’s door to collect money for the local paper, and Blanche almost seduces him…


Strange Woman (Nurse) – Female, 40s-60s; 1 scene, no-nonsense nurse from the insane asylum who comes to pick up Blanche at the end of the play, and insists on using a straitjacket.


Strange Man (doctor) – Male, 40s-60s; 1 scene, sympathetic, kindly doctor from the insane asylum who escorts Blanche out of the Kowalski’s, sans straitjacket, at the end of the play.


Ordinary Americans

by Joseph McDonough

Bill Hayes, Director

1st Rehearsal:  November 15, 2019

Runs:  December 6 - December 29, 2019


Phil Loeb/Jake Goldberg – Male, 50-65; Jewish character, plays Molly’s husband, Jake Goldberg on the show, as well as the actor playing Jake, Phil Loeb.  Warm, funny, always joking and laughing with the rest of the cast; sweet, gentle—he is a mensch. Phil is accused of being a communist sympathizer by a sponsor, and is ordered to be fired. Phil is the sole support of his mentally ill son, as well, and the eventual loss of his job leads to tragic consequences.   


Fannie Merrill/“Mrs. Kramer” – Female, 50-60; Plays Mrs. Kramer, the nosy neighbor on the show, as well as the actress playing her, Fannie Merrill.  Fannie looks up to Tillie, and is very loyal and appreciative of her job. Smart, savvy and level-headed, she functions as a trusted adviser to Tillie, and in addition to acting, is heavily involved in all aspects of producing The Goldbergs.  


Eli/“Uncle David”/NBC executive/Cardinal Spellman  - Male, 40s 50s; Plays Uncle David on the show, as well as the actor playing him, Eli.  Eli is high energy; quick, kind of a smartass, and loves to tell stories. Also plays the shrewd, opportunistic Cardinal Spellman, so should have some gravitas AND a weasel-ish television executive who rejects the Goldbergs.


Walter Hart/Roger Addington/Frank Stanton/Cutlery Sponsor/Diner Owner – Male, 30s-50s; Plays several hard charging Corporate sponsors of the Goldbergs, who all bail on the show, due to Phil Loeb’ s supposed communist ties, as well as Walter, the show’s frazzled but devoted director and a friendly mid-western the diner owner who waits on Tillie after she end up in a touring production of The Matchmaker.



By David Hare

Actors should prepare an English accent for the audition.

Bill Hayes, Director

1st Rehearsal:   January 14, 2020

Runs:  February  7 – March 1, 2020


Kyra Hollis – Female, 25-35; Raised in affluence and well educated, she has escaped that life to be a schoolteacher in a London slum, possibly as penance for deeply held guilt or possibly as a way of discovering her own identity; now more confident, calm and centered than ever before, her new sense of self is about to be put to the test.


Edward Sergeant – Male, 18-24 to play 18; Tom’s son, he’s a young man in search of his own identity and a path of his own; a mixture of Kyra’s and Tom’s personalities, he’s desperate to make sense of the world while not asking for help; his dialect is more that of Kyra’s, but has the flourishes of Tom’s.


The Light in the Piazza - Musical

by Craig Lucas and Adam Geuttel

(Based on the novella by Elizabeth Spencer)

Bruce Linser, Director

1st Rehearsal:  March 10, 2020

Runs:  April 3 - April 26, 2020


Many of the lyrics are in Italian or broken English as many of the characters are fluent only in Italian.


Margaret Johnson – Female, 40s-50s; An elegant, self-possessed, practical, and proper Southern woman; contained and controlled yet warm and appealing with a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor and a deeply romantic and secret yearning underneath; keeps her heart in a box; Southern accent; vulnerable actor with a strong legit soprano voice, G below middle C up to G#5.


Clara Johnson – Female, 26; Margaret’s daughter; an impulsive, naïve, romantic, keenly curious, highly sensitive, and easily provoked Southern girl who seems younger than her age due to a developmental disability; classic American beauty; wears her heart on her sleeve; Southern accent; spontaneous actor with a strong legit soprano and belt/mix voice, A3 to high A5.


Roy Johnson – Male, 40s-50s; Margaret’s husband; a contained, controlled, efficient, practical, proper, and impatiently abrupt though not unkind Southern gentleman; emotionally unavailable and cool; has a tight heart and a tight smile; Southern accent; austere actor with a strong legit baritone voice; also doubles as Ensemble.


Signor Naccarelli – Male, 40s-50s; A warm, free, open, and amiable Italian gentleman with a smooth, affable ease and amused charm which could be perceived as slick; also has a temper and can be strict when he needs to be; speaks English very well and must also be able to speak fluent Italian with an authentic Italian dialect; confident actor with a strong legit baritone voice to G5.


Signora Naccarelli – Female, 40s-50s; Signor Naccarelli’s wife; a warm, open, amiable, dutiful yet strong and watchful Italian woman; not unlike Margaret only freer; must be able to speak fluent Italian with an authentic Italian dialect; likeable actor with a strong legit soprano voice to C6.


Fabrizio Naccarelli – Male, 20; The Naccarelli’s youngest son; dazzlingly handsome, charming, earnest, impulsive, dramatic, deeply emotional, and hopelessly romantic young Italian boy; innocent, pure, and sweet yet wants to seem more sophisticated than he is; wears his heart on his sleeve; knows very little English so must be able to speak fluent Italian with an authentic Italian dialect; engaging actor with a strong lyrical tenor voice to B5.


Giuseppe Naccarelli – Male, 20s-30s; The Naccarelli’s eldest son; a handsome, charming, impetuous, hen-pecked Italian playboy; not the brightest bulb; desperately trying to hold onto his youth while still being the adult he’s expected to be; must be a strong mover who is able to speak fluent Italian with an authentic Italian dialect; enterprising actor with good comic timing and a strong legit baritone voice to G5.


Franca Naccarelli – Female, 20s-30s; Giuseppe’s wife; a woman scorned; fiery, passionate, strong-willed, sexy, and unabashedly direct Italian woman with a deeply caring and romantic streak; must be able to speak fluent Italian with an authentic Italian dialect; fervent actor with a strong legit soprano voice to F6.


Ensemble – 30s-50s; Various types to play tourists and citizens of Florence; versatile ensemble actors with strong legit voices.

Lobby Hero

by Kenneth Lonergan

J. Barry Lewis, Director

1st Rehearsal:  April 28, 2020

Runs:  May 22 - June 7, 2020


Jeff – Male, 20's; A uniformed security guard in a Manhattan high rise.  A glib, talkative, wisecracking slacker hoping to get his life together despite his history of underachievement and lack of real drive or ambition.  His goals are modest, get his own apartment, find a girlfriend, and he is somewhat shy and quirky.  He has a big crush on Dawn, and to impress her, inadvertently betrays the trust of his mentor William.


William – Male, late 20’s-30s; African American.  Jeff's uniformed supervisor. A hard working, ambitious, upstanding man with a strong moral code, he values discipline and self-improvement and is wound a bit tight.  He considers the wayward Jeff a “project”, and takes him under his wing.  His moral compass is tested when his brother asks him to be his alibi for a heinous crime that his brother may or may not have committed.


Dawn – Female, 20's; Bill's working class, attractive, rookie partner trying to navigate her way on a male dominated force.  Tough, enthusiastic, but green and still making her bones, she has already gotten herself in trouble for using way too much force on her first collar.  Her married partner Bill is her role model as well as her lover.  When she finds out he is sleeping with yet another woman outside his marriage, she turns on him. 


Bill – Male, 30s; A uniformed policeman.  A cocky, self-assured and smoothly superior veteran, he makes his own rules and is a dominant, charismatic personality.  He is used to getting away with bad behavior in his personal life, but is actually a good cop, not too rigid or hard-nosed, and adept at working within various communities.  Married, but having an affair with Dawn, as well as one of the residents in Jeff’s building.    


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