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Frequently Asked Questions The Dramaworkshop

Who is reading my play?

Palm Beach Dramaworks has a company of resident artists – professional directors, writers, actors, and designers – who work with The Dramaworkshop to thoroughly read each submission. Plays that fit our criteria will be read a second, third, and/or fourth time as the selections are narrowed.

What constitutes "published or produced"?

A play that has been "produced" is one in which the artists involved were compensated for their work and all theatrical elements required by the script were engaged (lighting, sound, etc.). Staged readings and college productions are not considered to have been "professionally produced." A play that has been "published" is one which has been made available to the public through a professional publishing company.

Why don't you provide feedback on my play?

Given the number of scripts we receive and the amount of time needed to write thoughtful, considered responses to each playwright, it simply isn't logistically possible. Additionally, we believe that offering feedback to writers may encourage them to alter their work when it might be ideal for another theatre just as it is. If your play is a fit for The Dramaworkshop, we want to work with you to develop it. If not, we hope you’ll stay true to your vision and continue to submit it to other festivals.