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The Dramaworkshop

The Dramaworkshop

Each season, playwrights submit their plays for consideration to be further developed. A select number are chosen for workshops and staged readings, with the aim of cultivating significant new work for our mainstage and stages all across the country.
Diane and Mark Perlberg - Executive Producers


Drama(in the)works
A new series from The Dramaworkshop
FREE - Every Monday ONLINE at 7:30pm

Bruce Linser

Bruce Linser

The Dramaworkshop Manager

Bruce Linser is an actor, director, musician, and theatre educator. He has been the Manager of The Dramaworkshop since February of 2017.

For information about supporting The Dramaworkshop programming, contact Bruce Linser at 561-514-4042 x117 or [email protected] Please note that script submissions are accepted through agents only. Unsolicited materials will not be considered.

Developmental Productions

Domestic Animals, The Dramaworkshop
Domestic Animals
Jan. 13 - Jan. 22, 2017

At the height of the Vietnam War, Lori's brother dodges the draft and her husband enlists. Left alone, she disappears into her imagination. Seduced by the comfort of her hallucinations, Lori risks giving over to her fantasy forever. A powerful look at love, family, trauma and healing, Jennifer Faletto's play explores the impact of war for the loved ones on the home front. Magical and heartfelt, Domestic Animals wakes our primal instincts and dares us to find our true pack.

Cast & Creative
Scenic Design Michael Amico
Costume Design Brian O'Keefe
Lighting Design David Nail
Sound Design Brad Pawlak
Buried Cities, The Dramaworkshop
Buried Cities
Apr. 6 - Apr. 17, 2016

Mia and Louis are held up at gunpoint in their home. Though they are unharmed, their marriage begins to fall apart in the weeks after as each tries to find safety in the world again. Their young nephew, Brandon, who mourns for a father who was lost to war, feels more real in the virtual world of war video games than in the actual world around him. And Leah, a shape shifter who is hiding her own deformity, moves between them all to help them find beauty in the monstrosity of that world. Buried Cities explores the lasting psychological effects of violence and what happens when we’re thrust into the role of victim and don’t react the way we’re “supposed to.”

Cast & Creative
Scenic Design Michael Amico
Costume Design Brian O'Keefe
Lighting Design Thomas Shorrock
Sound Design Brad Pawlak


* Presentations may include scene readings, video clips and, where applicable, musical numbers.

Founding Producers

Dramaworkshop Chair Mark Perlberg
Dramaworkshop Manager Bruce Linser
Founding Producers The Alper Family Foundation
Penny Bank
Susan Bloom
The Roe Green Foundation
Calla & Ralph Guild
Marilyn Meyerhoff & Sam Feldman
Nancy & Jay Parker
Lee Wolf & Jordan Cohen

Resident Artists

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