Drama in the Works 


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Please join us on Monday evenings for a series of live play readings of new plays. Each play reading is followed by a Q&A. New readings begin every other Monday at 7:30pm, now through June. 

May 23 - Westminster by Brenda Withers [Reserve Free Tickets

When Pia's old friend Krys gifts her with a surprise rescue dog, the women and their partners face off over issues of class, accountability, and good breeding.  Part morality play, part screwball romp, Westminster digs into "acceptable" social prejudices and the consequences of leaving those biases unchecked.


June 6 - Indira's Daughters by Ron Destro [Reserve Free Tickets

Struggling among the dichotomies of life in India during a Sikh rebellion, an American photographer in New Delhi is forced to choose between achieving her lifelong dream or saving her marriage to a once-idealistic reporter after confronting the dowry burning death of a close Indian friend. 


June 20 - Dangerous Instruments by Gina Montet [Reserve Free Tickets

Laura, a young single mother, would do anything for her gifted son, Daniel.  Scholarships to elite private schools are the golden ticket for her little genius, but when Daniel's brilliant mind becomes violent, she finds herself batlling a broken system.  Laura must confront a mother's darkest fears as she desperately races to help her son before he becomes the next horrifying headline. 

Tickets are FREE, but reservations are REQUIRED

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2022 Past Events:

February 28 - Walker's Dream by Michael Hollinger
March 14 - Goddess of Mercy by Jenny Connell Davis
March 28 - White Ally by Douglas Williams
April 11 - The Body's Midnight by Tira Palmquist
April 25 - Family Tree by Erin Considine
May 9 - Untitled Lincoln Play by Bill Cain




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Brenda Withers

brenda withers headshot

Ron Destro

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Gina Montet