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Souvenir: A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins

West Palm Beach, FL

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Critic's Reviews

"Chanteuse is tone-deaf, but the comedy is spot-on"
 -  Palm Beach Post

"In Souvenir, it takes a lot of skill to play a no-talent hack"
 -  Sun-Sentinel

"Warm Souvenir hits all the right notes"
 -  Palm Beach Daily News

"Souvenir...revisits rhythm-challenged diva"
 -  Palm Beach Daily News


In this new comedy with (terrible) music, we examine the legendary incapable coloratura, and prominent heiress, Florence Foster Jenkins, who believed that she understood better than anyone else how to properly sing. Unfortunately, the result was almost excruciatingly difficult to sit through. In this bittersweet comedy of recollection, her 'longtime accompanist' recalls lovingly what it was like to play along for so many years.
Souvenir is an affectionate salute to the fascinating story of a unique artist who suffered under the delusion that she was a great coloratura soprano. Unfortunately, she had no ear for pitch and those in her circle of friends, mostly out of politeness, would compliment her voice to the point where she decided to hold small recitals for charity. The cult status of her regrettable singing spread through New York, culminating in a smash hit record and a sold-out Carnegie Hall solo concert!


Executive Producer

Cast & Creative

Playwright Stephen Temperley
Directed by J. Barry Lewis
Stage Manager Lara Garcia
Scenic Design Michael Amico
Lighting Design Ron Burns
Costume Design Erin Amico
Sound Design Steve Shapiro