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When Matt met Sally...

Oct 18 2012
Rod Stafford Hagwood | Sun-Sentinel

Opposites attract in the Palm Beach Dramaworks production of 'Talley's Folly.' ...Talley's Folly is part of a trilogy, set between Fifth of July and Talley & Son, which was originally titled A Tale Told. The marvel of Lanford Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning script is that we care over the span of 90 minutes with no intermission. But care we do. Sentimental dramedies have a way of doing that, especially when they're compellingly acted, as evidenced here by Schmidt and Wallace. The show is assuredly directed by J. Barry Lewis with a Midwestern, poke-along pacing. The set by Michael Amico is a jumble-packed boathouse, piled high with cast-off junk from a prominent WASPish family's home just up the hill offstage. The crumbling structure was deemed a folly since it was built as a grand, defiant gesture by Sally's 19th-century uncle, Whistler. Do not underestimate it, for this boathouse is a third character, with almost as much to say.