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Trying and Succeeding at Dramaworks

Jan 09 2007
Jack Zink | Sun-Sentinel

"Already performed by senior luminaries Fritz Weaver and James Whitmore, the role of Biddle in Glass' briskly poetic narrative is captured by South Florida veteran Peter Haig in the regional premiere at Palm Beach Dramaworks." "Haig always plays irascibility with flair, but digs for the humanity and compassion beneath the crust. He makes it clear from the beginning that this barking duffer's beef is with mortality, not the woman behind the steno pad. That is Christine Carroll in a nearly beatific performance as Sarah Schorr, the latest in a long line of the judge's short-term executive assistants." "Dramaworks co-founder Nanique Gheridian directs with a light, gentle finger on the situation's humor and sentimentality. Scenic designer Sean McClelland's rustic Georgetown loft and Morgan Lane Tanner's prim costumes complete the portraiture."