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Jan 09 2007
Hap Erstein | Palm Beach Post

"Glass might well have written a one-man show that had Biddle recount his governmental achievements. Instead, she concentrates on the personal side of the man... Nor does Peter Haig soften the character in his irascible, yet fragile performance, emphasizing the grumpiness of the man and, only occasionally, the insecurities that come with Biddle's increasing limitations." "As Sarah, Christine Carroll is a worthy acting partner in what is inevitably a supporting role, a stand-in for the audience reacting to the difficult Biddle. She bites her tongue a lot, exhibiting patience in the face of his unreasonable requests." "Nanique Gheridian directs the production simply, moving her two actors around Sean McClelland's Georgetown converted garage office set without making it seem forced." "In its odd couple format, Trying brings to mind Driving Miss Daisy, two vastly different people who take an instant dislike to each other, then develop a halting affection. Despite its downbeat subtext, the play has plenty of humor and a central character whose human frailties are all too recognizable."