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The Last Wives Club

Jul 06 2006
Dave Amber | New Times

There's no doubt that into every marriage creeps, or perhaps floods, moments that inspire you to dream of snuff films with your mate in a starring role. But to truly consider following through? Well, that's another matter, as well as the plot for Michele Lowe's 2002 dark comedy The Smell of the Kill, which opened last week at Palm Beach Dramaworks. ...The Smell of the Kill is a woman's play...and throughout, Graham, Schwartz, and Adjan make a well-blended ensemble. ...we do laugh, especially at Adjan's winsome antics and the athletic mania of Graham and Schwartz, who pace each other like a homicidal Lucy and Ethel... Director J. Barry Lewis and his players have worked did set designer Sean McClelland, who created an onstage kitchen so chic and well-equipped that audience members sighed, "I wish I had a kitchen like that."