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It's A Woman's World

May 03 2010
Mary Damiano |

...That Palm Beach Dramaworks has mounted a sumptuous production of Three Tall Women is no surprise. The theatre has built its reputation on gorgeous productions of classic plays. The costume design by Brian O’Keefe is both age and era-appropriate. Michael Amico’s beautifully-appointed French Provincial bedroom screams old money. Ron Burns’ lighting is evocative. Director J. Barry Lewis has put together a powerhouse cast more than up to the task of making Albee’s conversational rhythms sing. Rae is all business in the first act, but seamlessly morphs into a wide-eyed innocent in the second act. Radosh imbues her character in both acts with a been-there, done-that sensibility--one arched eyebrow, one Cheshire Cat grin from Radosh speaks volumes... Dixon has the most difficult transition to make from the first to the second act, from dying old woman to spry senior, and she delivers a nuanced, powerful performance. Watching these women on stage is like watching a theatre master class in acting. Three Tall Women the perfect melding of a playwright and a theatre, both at the top of their games. Don’t miss it.