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Dramaworks stays true to fine 'Betrayal'

Mar 19 2007
Jan Sjostrom | Palm Beach Daily News

"Palm Beach Dramaworks' stunning production of Harold Pinter's Betrayal makes clear why Pinter was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005." "The show is impeccably directed by J. Barry Lewis, who ensures that no scene is overplayed and every unspoken nuance is communicated. And there are plenty of nuances in this play. In fact, what's left unsaid is as important as the dialogue." "Although the play is about a love triangle, the real fireworks occur between Todd Allen Durkin's charming and selfish Jerry and Michael St. Pierre's suavely vindictive Robert. The importance of their bond is obvious in the intensity with which Jerry asks Emma about Robert after the collapse of everything. Robert even says at one point in the play that he likes Jerry better than his wife." "Margery Lowe gives a supercharged performance as Emma." "Nothing dampens the vitality of this production or clouds the painful brilliance of Pinter's play."