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Dramaworks delivers a gripping Albee classic

Dec 09 2012
Christine Dolen | Miami Herald

...The first of three Albee plays to win the Pulitzer (Seascape and Three Tall Women are the others), A Delicate Balance is getting a superb revival at Palm Beach Dramaworks. Director William Hayes' masterful production illuminates the world of the play's well-to-do dysfunctional family while underscoring the timelessness of Albee's witty, withering, profoundly rich play. ...Albee has crafted a timelessly riveting piece of theater, and the Dramaworks production remains engaging start to finish. ...Anderman, an experienced Albee actress with a host of Broadway credits, makes Agnes a chic, smart purveyor of vitriol. Dressed by costume designer Erin Amico in classic clothing and pearls, Anderman's Agnes is stinging, frustrated and manipulative while maintaining a mannered veneer...Anderman is an Albee virtuoso. Creaghan is low-key but great as her mate, his matter-of-fact delivery amplifying the horror in Tobias' story about an unfriendly cat. And he's superb as he delivers Tobias' sputtering "aria" about why his friends cannot – yet must – stay. Radosh is the play's boozy, truth-telling life force as Claire. She is the disruptive yin to her sister's controlling yang, and when she's offstage, she's missed. ...A Delicate Balance is a play grounded in a specific era, place and class. But as the new Dramaworks production so amply demonstrates, this masterwork by one of the country's greatest playwrights continues to be emotionally gripping, of-the-moment drama.