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Dramaworks' 'All My Sons' electrifies...

Nov 16 2011
Jan Sjostrom | Palm Beach Daily News

...All My Sons...hurtles toward its shattering conclusion in an emotionally charged second act. ...Elizabeth Dimon delivers an electrifying performance as Joe's formidable wife, Kate, who struggles to fend off catastrophe and the admission that their pilot son Larry, missing in action for three years, is dead. Kenneth Tigar's patriarchal Joe loses confidence shred by shred, until his final whispered epiphany brings home Miller's message as forcefully as a shout. Jim Ballard as Chris, the reluctant heir to his father's business and a disillusioned war vet, grows in power and conviction to a father-son confrontation that's as explosive a moment as any seen on the Dramaworks stage. The remainder of the 10-member cast turn in convincing performances under the guidance of resident director J. Barry Lewis. The theater is comfortable and reassuringly intimate... Typical Dramaworks' craftsmanship is evident in Michael Amico's Americana set, Brian O'Keefe's fetching period costumes, Rich Szczublewski's homey sound design and John Hall's evocative lighting.