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Basketball Title Game Parallels Players' Futures

Nov 14 2005
Hap Erstein | Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach Dramaworks, which is giving the play a whiskey-soaked, high-testosterone production, directed with a brawny hand by J. Barry Lewis, has found another worthy script that is infrequently revived. ...there is plenty of snap in the confrontational interplay and what Miller has to say seems just as apt today, when we have reason to harbor a similar mistrust of society's institutions. A lot of nasty stuff gets exposed and yet Miller and the Dramaworks cast also manage to mine the comedy that lurks under the dark surface. This is particularly so for [Todd Allen] Durkin, who scores a slam-dunk with each snide line he delivers. Also standing out is Haig as the coach who has eclectic heroes, as a wall enshrining Teddy Roosevelt, John Kennedy and Joe McCarthy attests. Alternatively nurturing like a parent and vicious like a pit bull, Haig gives a white-hot performance that becomes the spine of the production, but all five actors are worthy. Michael Amico has done wonders creating a sturdy, inner-city middle-class house set and his wife Erin adds to the period tone with her character-rich '70s costumes. That Championship Season is a throwback well-made play... when it ignites, the sparks are searing.