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At Dramaworks, 'Proof' proves its staying power

May 29 2012
Christine Dolen | Miami Herald

...Winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize, Proof is a smart, absorbing, moving play about family, loyalty, love and sacrifice. Math is what the four characters do. But it's what they do to each other, in a beautifully crafted drama that slips back and forth in time, that won Auburn drama's top prize. ...As with each of Dramaworks' shows in its new Don & Ann Brown Theatre, Proof begins working its magic even before the house lights go down. Set designer Michael Amico inaugurated the space with a richly detailed, period-perfect house and backyard for Arthur Miller's All My Sons. For Proof, he has created another, smaller home whose details suggest an orderliness that eludes its suffering owner... ...Surprises are carefully laced throughout the script, and if you've never seen Proof, you deserve to experience them in the moment... ...Under Hayes' guidance, the Dramaworks cast delivers a Proof with slightly softer edges than actors sometimes bring to the piece.... ...Auburn, whose The Columnist is currently on Broadway, had his first major success with Proof. The new Dramaworks production serves as proof of the play's enduring power.