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American Buffalo Roams at Palm Beach Dramaworks

Feb 22 2010
Skip Sheffield |

The first time I saw American Buffalo I scratched my head in confusion and wondered what it was all about. With the Palm Beach Dramaworks revival of David Mamet's ground-breaking serio-comic 1976 play, I finally get it. American Buffalo satirizes the work ethic and America's free enterprise system.... ... We the audience see these characters as the self-deluded fools they are, and therefore we can laugh at them- and laugh out loud. Under William Hayes' direction American Buffalo is a funny play with masterful timing by the actors. The characters speak in what has become known as "Mamet-speak." They interrupt each other. Sentences trail off to be finished by someone else. The real subject matter is cryptic. It's "the thing," you know what we are talking about... ... The Palm Beach Dramaworks audience is sophisticated and knowledgeable enough to know this play is peppered with rough, profane, offensive language. Sadly, this is how real people often speak; especially those who are down and out. So if Mamet is your cup of poison, you will find this a potent brew, onstage through April 4 at 322 Banyan Blvd., West Palm Beach.