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American Buffalo at Dramaworks hard hitting...

Feb 27 2010
Jan Sjostrom | Palm Beach Daily News

The petty crooks in David Mamet's American Buffalo cook up a heist as much to salve injured pride and shore up sagging egos as they do for the money. Their ineptitude would be funny if it weren't for the threat of violence humming beneath the surface. The production at Palm Beach Dramaworks...starts out super-charged and never lets up... ...few audience members will walk away from this production without feeling chilled by Mamet's meticulous portrait of dead-end lives on the edge of violence. Mamet is a master of vernacular language and such a craftsman that he turns the words of these inarticulate men into percussive poetry. The play, which debuted in 1975, is set in Donny's junk shop on Chicago's South Side -- brilliantly realized in period clutter by designer Michael Amico. captures much of Mamet's dark magic. We don't see much Mamet in South Florida theater. Dramaworks deserves praise for programming this tough, still disturbing, classic play.