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Albee play at Dramaworks strong all the way around

May 12 2009
Kevin D. Thompson | Palm Beach Post

Good dramatic theater should engage your mind while making you dissect what you saw long after the final curtain calls have been taken. Palm Beach Dramaworks prides itself on staging shows that do just that. And the small West Palm Beach theater company has done it again with At Home at the Zoo, Edward Albee’s engaging--and sometimes disturbing--play about loneliness and human isolation. With the addition of the first act, Zoo, skillfully directed by Producing Artistic Director William Hayes, is essentially two different plays. All three actors are top-notch. Swan portrays Peter with the right amount of emotional restraint and Lowe is excellent as the long-suffering wife whose toothy smile belies her inner discontent. But it’s Durkin who will command your attention in a bravura performance that will leave you both mesmerized and in awe. He’s one of the most talented local theater actors working today. Albee’s play title is apt because, in a sense, each character is trapped in a cage like an animal. Ann and Jerry desperately want to escape--obviously for different reasons. But Peter is more than happy to stay locked up.