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Mar 10 2005
Hap Erstein | Palm Beach Post

It is hard to fathom the surprise that Edward Albee would write about a pair of lizards who come out the ocean to chat with humans. Although Seascape is surely an allegory of some sort, Palm Beach Dramaworks goes to great lengths to convince us that those scaly creatures onstage, albeit oversized and verbal, are actual lizards. As impersonated by Michael McKeever and Margery Low and costumed by Erin Amico, the effect is hard to argue with. Director William Hayes sets a positively zoological tone, encouraging McKeever and Lowe to replicate reptile moves, often with eerie accuracy. These are very funny lizards - sometimes intentionally, sometimes not - and these two actors deliver the humor with deadpan skill. Since its initial Broadway run 30 years ago, Seascape has largely been relegated to library shelves. That makes it ideal for Dramaworks' mission to produce the seldom seen...