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Mar 17 2005
Megan Kenny | New Times

The play, an extraordinary blend of light humor and philosophical profundity, features only four characters - an older couple entering their allegedly golden years and a younger couple of talking lizards embarking on their own journey. It's not nearly as weird as it sounds. It's about evolution, or more simply, the inevitablity of change, as both couples struggle with what their futures hold... Both couples are equally afraid of what will happen next. Erin Amico's striking costuming for the lizards evokes the textured skin of a reptile but gives them a simultaneously lizard-like and humanoid appearance under the cover of beautifully wrought green felt scales. Seascape, actually one of Albee's lighter pieces, is a large, complicated play that is powerful in the hands of the company and its director, William Hayes. The minimalist boulder-strewn set, designed by Michael Amico, and the dappled lighting, designed by John Hall, are simple and unchanging, all the better to highlight the play's complexity. The tight space puts the audience almost on stage which is not a bad thing. The intimacy makes it impossible to ignore Albee's works, and then they stay in the mind for days.