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Jan 12 2005
Hap Erstein | The Palm Beach Post

It would be hard not to become emotionally involved with the plight of the four developmentally disabled child-men who live in a group apartment in Tom Griffin's message-laden social comedy, The Boys Next Door. ... director J. Barry Lewis and his cast manage to infuse events with an honesty, without playing against the comedy. Collins is particularly adept at comic timing, making Arnold both amusing and exasperating. Quinn is a genuine find as Norman, endearing in his near-perpetual state of confusion, with a heart as sizable as his girth. And Morris' Lucien is particularly well observed, a character built of tics and verbal halts who never seems mechanical. The Boys Next Door takes an important subject and sprinkles it with sentiment, which probably accounts for its popularity... it has the advantages of a winning cast and taut direction at Palm Beach Dramaworks.