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Jan 12 2005
Bill Hirschman | Sun-Sentinel

While The Boys Next Door contains a message and moments of affecting drama, the show at Palm Beach Dramaworks is foremost a comedy. It's a testament to director J. Barry Lewis, his cast and Tom Griffin's script that none of the copious laughs comes at the men's expense. ... the best performance comes from Gordon McConnell as Barry's alcoholic, good-for-nothing father. The audience grasps their relationship from the instant the disaffected parent walks in for a rare visit -- from his embarrassed speech, his discomfited body language, the aura of shame McConnell exudes. ... he (Griffin) also provides two stunning moments when we suddenly see what life looks like to the roommates from inside their imaginations. Under Lewis' direction, kudos are due Pam Kent's character-driven costuming.... Ditto Michael Amico's slightly grimy set, Paul Jetty's perfectly chosen props and a joint company effort at set decoration....