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Nov 14 2004
Jan Sjostrom | Palm Beach Daily News

The situation portrayed in 'night, Mother is a parent's nightmare. Jessie, the adult daughter of Thelma announces cooly that she plans to commit suicide that evening in the home she shares with her mother. Barbara Bradshaw's harrowing performance as Thelma anchors the production. Frumpy, limited, self-absorbed Thelma rises to the occasion to fight off her daughter's resolve with every weapon she possesses - reason, anger, tears. Bradshw is firmly in the driver's seat with each turn. Time ticks away toward Jessie's date with death. In the hot-box of Thelma's living room and kitchen, the pressure between mother and daughter mounts. Under Bill Hayes' direction, the one-act play achieves a nuanced unflodment as time wears on. This isn't a cheerful show, but it is beautiful in the way that deep-delving area always is.