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Nov 10 2004
Bill Hirschman | Sun-Sentinel

... Actresses Barbara Bradshaw and Nanique Gheridan, under William Hayes' direction, have crafted a fifth season opener that shatters the soul. ... Bradshaw is marvel-inducing as a flowzy layabout who only now, in a frantic spasm of panic and guilt, realizes how disconnected she has been from her daughter's pain. Bradshaw cajoles, screams, begs, pouts and races through all five stages of grief trying to reach her daughter. ... high praise is due Bradshaw, Gheridan and most especially Hayes, who create intricate eddies and ripples and backwaters in this unstoppable flowing river. ... this tragedy leavened with black humor and affection will send many theatergoers into the night dazed and questioning what they thought they believed.