August: Osage County

August: Osage County

Meet the Weston family, a clan so embittered and embattled that dysfunctional would be a step up. Violet Weston is the pill-popping matriarch whose weary, alcoholic husband walks out the door one morning, never to return. His disappearance leads to a very dark, very funny family reunion full of revelations, resentments, and recriminations. A semi-autobiographical, Pulitzer Prize-winning comic drama in which the taunts and stings are both over-the-top and all too real.



  • Dennis Creaghan, Beverly Weston
  • Sara Morsey, Violet Weston
  • Kathy McCafferty, Barbara Fordham
  • Margery Lowe, Ivy Weston
  • Niki Fridh, Karen Weston
  • Bruce Linser, Bill Fordham
  • Allie Beltran, Jean Fordham
  • Christopher Daftsios, Steve Heidebrecht
  • Laura Turnbull, Mattie Fae Aiken
  • Stephen Trovillion, Charlie Aiken
  • Iain Batchelor, Little Charles Aiken
  • Ryffin Phoenix, Johnna Monevata
  • David A. Hyland, Sheriff Deon Gilbeau


  • William Hayes, Director
  • Kent James Collins, Stage Manager
  • Michael Amico, Scenic Design
  • Brian O'Keefe, Costume Design
  • Kirk Bookman, Lighting Design
  • Roger Arnold, Sound Design
  • Tyler B. Osgood, Assistant Stage Manager

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Event Information

Opening Date March, 31, 2023
Closing Date April, 16, 2023