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State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County
Impact the Palm Beach Fund of the Community Foundation Stephen Brown and Jamie Stern
Elaine Villafana and A. Marie Villafana

$50,000 - $99,999

Palm Beach Dramaworks Theatre Guild

$25,000 - $49,999

Anonymous Nancy and Gene Beard
Susan Bloom Lawrence Sanders Foundation
The Shubert Foundation Susan and Larry Goldfein
Judy and Lew Kramer Edward M. Ricci and Hon. Mary Lupo
Marilyn Meyerhoff Sally Nathanson
Marsha and Stephen Rabb Louise and Barry Snyder

$15,000 - $24,999

Penny Bank Ruth and Theodore Baum
Don and The Honorable Ann Brown Esther and Sid Dinerstein
John Noffo Kahn and Mark Addison Foundation Miriam and Alec Flamm Charitable Foundation
Nancy and Jay Parker Marlene and Martin Silver

$10,000 - $14,999

Tina and Jeffrey Bolton Lee Wolf and Dr. Jordan Cohen
Patty Alper Cohn and David I. Cohn The Alper Family Foundation
The Roe Green Foundation Roberta and Harvey Golub
Nancy Goodes Calla and Ralph Guild
Priscilla Heublein Sherry and Stephen Jacobs
Samuel Lehrman Sandra and Bernie Meyer
Kretzer Piano Karin and John Strasswimmer
Mimi and Frank Walsh Hermine Drezner and Jan Winkler

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous Arlene and Harvey Cherner
Diane and John Dalsimer Sara and Charles Fabrikant
Samuel M. Feldman Daft Family Foundation
Renate Franco Ann and Robert Fromer
Paul and Sandra Goldner Roe Green
Edith Hall-Friedheim K.C. and John Halpern
Beverly and Stuart Halpert Sylvia and Paul Heiner
Helga and John Klein Dorothy and Sidney Kohl
Priscilla R. Leslie Boomer Times and Senior Life
Pamela and Brian McIver Diane and Mark Perlberg
Oasis Outsourcing - Mark Perlberg Bruce H. Wolf, M.D. and Louise Ross
Alan Sagner* Selma and Joe Sitrick
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Arlene Siudek Toni and Martin Sosnoff
Akerman - Tom and Chris Streit Oblio and Barry Wish
Roy Bartolomei and Peter Wronsky

$2,500 - $4,999

Penny and Mitchell Beers Nettie Birnbach
Judith Craddock Cushman Judy and Bob Daino
Leah and Edward Frankel Supporting Foundation The Chastain Foundation
The Fledgling Fund Joan and David Genser
Sylvia Greenberg Richard Grille
Doug Grimm Ted and Dina* Hartley
Michael McCafferty and Joseph Horton Michael Hoagland and Joseph Kolb
Arlene and Steve Lazarus Clara and Wen-Liu Miao
Joan and Carlton Moody Harold and Elinor Oertell
First Republic Bank - Charles Orozco Mr. and Mrs. John Pew
Barbara N. Prine Mickey Berman and Dr. Lawrence Robbins
Sidney Lesowitz and Peter Rogers Dundi and Lyon Sachs
Don and Linda Silpe Robert E. Nederlander, Sr.
Tom and Chris Streit Diana Barrett and Bob Vila
Lorraine Whalen

$1,000 - $2,499

Madeline and Stephen Anbinder Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Edwige and John Bade
June Bakalar Marcy and Bruce Balter
Sherry and Tom Barrat Jameson and Reginald Baxter
Linda L. and Keith Beaty Daniel S. Kaufman and Timothy W. Beaver
Paul and Trish Benda Diane and Alexander (Andy) Berk
Nancy and Peter Berkley David Cohen and Paul Bernabeo
Louise and Louis Beryl Sally and Allan Bratman
Joan and Lyle Brundage Sue Casher
Dr. Max and Eleanor Cohen Daryn Kirchfeld - The Northern Trust Company
Lucy W. Cook Drs. Gail and John Cooney
Bruce Beal and Frank Cunningham Lynn and Stuart Edinoff
Jo Ann Engelhardt and Dr. George Elder Skip and Mary Jo Elhilow
Mike and Noreen Falcone The Kaminsky Family
Cathy and Tom Farmer Elaine and Larry Feit
Fred and Barbara Fields Susan and William Fink
Arlene F. and Donald Fleischman Melissa Ann Coyne/The Coyne Foundation
Dorothy Frankel Pat and Paul Fulchino
Sandra and George Garfunkel The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
Toby Gluckstern Beth and Marc Goldberg
Mary Cirillo-Goldberg and Jay Goldberg Elaine and Marvin Gottlieb
Mary Lou and Herbert Gray Zee Jay and Jerry Greenspan
Rachel K. Grody Joan Gross
The Gilbert Berman Lowenthal Group Stuart and Allison Haft
Carol and Albert Hallac Audrey Halperin
Michael Bakst and Tim Harris Paula J. Harris
Michael Collins and Jim Harshbarger Ronald Wetzel and Nathan Hench
Rochelle and David A. Hirsch Judge Rand Hoch
PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc. American Online Giving Foundation, Inc
Jeanne Kanders Martin Karlin
Margaret and Allan Keene Tom S. Kenan
Susan Keats and Charles Kiernan Rhoda and Richard Kleid
Liz and Jeff Klein Jim and Gail Kleinert
Mr. and Mrs. Berton E. Korman Rudolph and Gertraud Koschyk
Sandy and Greg Kriser Dorothy L. Lappin
Marsha and Henry Laufer Dr. Benjamin and Ellen Levy
Shirley F. Levy Mimi S. Livingston
Clive Cholerton and Margery Lowe Virginia Lynn
Roy Cacciaguida, M.D. Matthew Farley and Nici Mahlandt
Lynn Malek Carla and George Mann
Richard S. Milstein Barbara Mines
Tamara and Richard Morgenstern Sally and Bob Neumann
Kathleen and Lloyd Otterman Ellen and Al Perlman
Naj and Emily Pervez Mary Ellen and Michael Peyton
Lee and Harvey L. Poppel Mary Jane Range
Marcia and Norman Resnick Ann Marie and Peter Rezzonico
Brenda Robinson Leslie Rose
Susan and Arthur Rosen Carrie and Stan Rosenbaum
Judith and Jack Rosenberg Linda and Harold Rosenson
Rebecca and Peter Rosow Flory Shaio and Allen Ross
Marcia Rothschild Dr. and Mrs. Martin Rothstein
Alma and Leon Sadow Ivan M. and Esther F. Schaeffer
Earl Abramson and Sheila Schlagger Hazel and Michael Schultz
Norman Atkin, M.D. and Joan Schwartzman Bernard Perry and Shirlee Schwarz
Betsy and Richard Sheerr Caroline and Bill Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Shovelin Phyllis and Herbert Siegel
Barbara Singer Herbert Zlotnick and Pauline Sirota
Barbara Sommers Dr. Henry and Elaine Spiro
Susan and Dom Telesco Elissa Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Thornburgh Byron Gross and Ricky Tovim
Lenore Orlowska-Warren and Donald Warren Robert and Frances Weisman
Diana and Howard Wendy Jenifer Wilbers
Carla S. Bryant - Paradigm Shift At Work John and Diane Wren
Heather Wyser-Pratte

$500 - $999

Robin and Richard Abedon Melody and Harvey Alstodt
Anonymous Anonymous
Lore and Harry Bauer Eileen Berman
Susan and Joe Biernat William and Lisa Bittner
Yunie and Jerry Blakeley Karen and Alfred Blum
Penny and Harold Blumenstein Dr. Jacqueline Boutrouille
Nancy and Peter Brown Sharyn Buyers
Atesh Chandra Joanne and Douglas Cohen
Nancy Y. and Martin Cohen Shirley Cohlan
Laura and Rodney* Cole Paula Kaminsky Davis
Joel Leavitt and Veda Decof Natalie Dejoux
Margaret Donnelley Harriett Eckstein
Una and Solomon Ellman Beth and Rich Fentin
Tony Finstrom Mr. Jody Sklar and Mr. Dana Fishkin
Charles and Lynn Kramer Family Foundation Daniels Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Gagliardi Richard and Connie Galley
John and Melinda Geberth Ann and Bob Hagelstein
Marcia Halpern Fran and Paul Heller
Tom Henderson Carla and David Herwitz
Evelyn and Seymour Holtzman Vivienne Ivry
Patricia and William Jordan Joseph O. Rubinelli, Jr.
Joan and Eugene Kalkin Robert Barra and Ken Kane
Cynthia and Richard Kaplan Mercedes and Robert Kaufman
Barbara Kay Annelies Langner
Judith and Allyn Levy Sara-Mae and Jerry Lewis
Dalia Liebersohn/Jarashow Edward Levitt and Ellen Livingston
Gina and Ruben Lorenzo Ibby Lucas
Eric and Barbara Malkin Susan and Tom Meier
Sara and Jeffrey Mullens Jennifer Myerberg
James and Carolyne New Melanie and Larry Nussdorf
Peggy and Bobby Orr Angelica Page
Luann and Bill Parmelee Donna Peters
David Breneman and Donna Plasket Harriett and Stanley Rabinowitz
Bena S. Racine Russell Robinson
Linda and Jay Rosenkranz Maureen and Richard Saab
Frances and Leon Sachs Elizabeth and John Santoro
Diane and Richard Savrann Ileana and Daniel Sayre
Olive and Michael A. Schaeffer Vivian Scharer
Robert and Linda Lee Scrivener Anita and Robert Seidemann
Rebecca and Sidney Seidman Ruth and Ron Silberstein
Bob Goren and Nancy Skolnick Daniel and Deena Sokoloff
Marvin and Jayne Suskin Bud Tamarkin
Nada Tauber Sandra Thompson
Dee Topol Dr. Sharon Warren and Mr. Otis Warren
Henry and Sharon Wehrle Dr. Howard and Judith Weiner
Howard Weinstein Lois and Barry Weiss
Belle Winston Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Kimberly Yaseen
Esther and Richard Zaretsky

$100 - $499

Jane Abrams Ruth Abramson
Linda Agnolucci Dr. Deanna M. Albert and Mr. Bernard Albert
Jay and Joan Albert Nina and William Albert
Edward Klotz, M.D. and Linda Allen Ellen and Martin Anderman
Therese Angrees Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Susan and Ric Apter
John Arndt* David and Lisa Askin
Beth Baker David and Mary Baker
Joan Balfour Arlyn and David Bamberger
Michele S. and James Banker Louise Stoney and Kim Barbrie
Steffie Baron Martha Barton
G. Benjamin Baxley Maria Beaudouin
Nadine Bederson Drs. Sue Goldfinger and Timothy Bell
Nancy and Mark Bender Michael Benenson
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Benjamin Janet B. Bent
Susan Bergsman Ann and Joseph Berlese
Ernest and Ellen Berman Jay Bauer and Eileen Berman
Ellen J. Bernstein Cherrie and Robert Bierley
Nona and Angelo Bilionis Kristen Bissett
Margaret and Matthew Blake Barbara and Mitch Blanck
Kay Bowen-Smith Marlene Brager
Susan and Paul Brenner Roz and Alan Brilliant
Audrey Brody Lois and Bing Broido
Joanne Spitz and Richard Geller IHO of Stephen Brown Bonnie and Bob Buchanan
Fredda Butkowsky Cheryl Dunn Bychek
Fred Carlisle Esther and Morris Catarevas
Nick and Molly St. Cavish Barbara Certner
Rosemary Clemens Sondra Gittis and Leonard Cobrin
Marvin and Andrea Cohen Pamela and Ed Cohen
Phyllis Cohen Susan and John Connor
Ben L. Cook Karol and Paul Costa
Roslyn Margles IHO Wileen Coyne Wileen T. Coyne
Roger and Linda Culbertson Bobbie Kaufman and Malcolm C. Dankner
Richard and Rosalee Davison Jan Davisson
Ted and Marie Deckert Marcia Degner
William Deskin Barbara and Marvin Dicker
Genevieve and Vincent Dole Lawrence M. Dougher
Roberta Dougherty Barnette and Ken Druskin
Miriam and Steven Edell Dana Egert
Rochelle and Neal Ehrenberg Sherry and Steve Einhorn
Karen and Jay Eliezer Corinne and Gerald Epstein
Esta and Robert Epstein Jackie and Howard Ertel
Chaturvedi Family Susan and Howard Feig
Sumner and Esther Feldberg Steven M. and Donna Feldman
Charles Feller Jerry and Willi Field
Nona Fine Carol B. Finn
Louise Behmoras and Sherman Firsty Richard Fischer
Marsha Fishbane Gail and Robert Fishman
Libby and Alan Fishman Melanie and Mort Fishman
Helen and Michael Flanigan Mr. and Mrs. Dan Forsythe
Exxonmobil Foundation Beverly and Howard Frank
Ellen and Leonard Freed Miriam and Howard Freedman
Richard and Dianne Freeman Fay and Bert Friedman
Myra Friedman Marilyn Ritter and Friends
Bea and Chris Fries Eleanor and Michael Fronstin
Marilyn and Carlo Funes Karen and John Gallin
Diana and Elliot Garfinkel Paul and Irene Garfinkle
Phyllis Garner Merna Gelband
Dr. Ilene Gerber Rana Gerson
Ellen and Claude Gerstle Carol A. Getson
The Hon. Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn David and Carol Wilgus Giller
Dan Gladstone Irene and Elliot Glanz
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Glassman Jacqueline Goldberg
Cece and Norman Golden Rona Goldstein
Hank and Brenda Gonzalez Giselle Reischer and Richard Goodwin
Harry and Patricia Van Gorp Kelly and Michael Gottlieb
Dennis Butz and Susan Gould Joan Putterman and Dorothy Gould
Seena and Marvin Grant Preferred Printing & Graphics
Debe Grayson Kathleen Young and Carmine Greco
Elizabeth Green Gail and Ed Greenberg
Joseph M Guidetti Alison and Timothy Haddock
Karen Hallman Diane C. Halperin
Jackie and Arthur Harris Dr. Albert Leizman and Ann Harte
Carol and Andy Hays Myron and Rita Hendel
Auta and Robert Hendler Jeannine Henrion
Susan Herman Rodger H. Hess
Peter N. Heydon Mary D. Higgins
L. Gaye Hirz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hite
Lorraine Hoffinger Hon. and Mrs. Harris Hollin
Mrs. Leah Holtzberg Alesia and John Hoy
Jean Hutchison Francesca Imberti
Carl Imboden Morgan Stanley Cybergrants, Inc.
Christina Ivaldi Gayle Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Jacobson Dale Jenkins
Diane and Martin Johnson Preston Mighdoll and Stephen Johnson
Pauline and George Michel, Jr. Susan H. and Charles P. Schwartz, Jr.
Ellen and Jerrold Kahan Beth and Howard Kaplan
Dawn and Lewis Kapner Dr. Florence and Mr. Solis Kaslow
Elaine and Harmon Katz Ruth and Howard Kesslin
Gail and Michael Kirsch David Kislak
Linda and Hank Klaiman Lois and Larry Kleinberg
Sally Drob and Robert Kleiner John Klemme
Enez Rubel and William Klinsky Carol Knapp
Paul and Nancy Knapp Marjie and Sheldon Konigsberg
Shirley Koo Gene Kopf
Dr. Jerold and Renee Kramer Ellen and Irving Kramer
Ellen and Jerry Kranzler Jane and Jerry Krasker
Merle and Martin Krimsky Eva and Barry Krischer
Jay Gettinger and Brenda Kulick Drs. Phyllis and Larry Kushins
Laura and Edward Labaton Robert Lagna
Tim Large Stephen M Levine and Dolores Lashkevich
Ann and Julius Lasnick Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Lasser
Ann and Steve Leber Wynne Leon
Dr. and Mrs. Nolan Lerner Marilyn and Alan Leroy
Nathan Leventhal Ted and Kathy Leverette
Susan and Richard* Levin Alice Levine
Joan and Alan Levine Shelley Levine
Dr. and Mrs. Meron Levitats Elaine and Joe Levy
Brenda and Herbert Lewis Allan and Cheryl Liebowitz
Fran and Harvey Lifton Evelyn Lilienfeld
Richard and Marilyn Litner Rachel and Per Lorentzen
Brian Lowenthal Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lynn
Philip M. Buttaravoli, M.D. Robert S. Whitman M.D.
Pauline and Arnold Maerov Barbara R. Manning
Janet L. Markel Mary Ann Martin
Marian Matez Millie and David McCoy
Linda McGivern Barbara McGrew
Dr. and Mrs. Paul McKenna Etta and Froman Mehl
Dr. Morton and Mrs. Roberta Melman Elaine and David Mendelow
Drs. John and Daisy Merey Libby Snyder and Jill Merrell
Sharon and Keith Meyer Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Mhoon
Sybil Michelson Nate and Harriet Miller
Blue and Peg Minges Daniel and Harriet Mironov
Stacey and Joan Mobley Wilma and Charles Mooney
Elayne Mordes Beverly and Marvin Morse
Alice and Allan Mostoff Elsie Myers
Jill and Hank Narrow Karen and Robert A. Nelson
Michelle Noga Irving and Ellen Norden
Jan and Arthur Norris Alison and Thomas O'Brien
Sally W. O'Day Jacqueline O'Gorman
Martha and Ward C. Parker Debby and Ron Parr
Suzanne Pearlman Abby and Steve Perelman
Muriel and Bill Perlberg Dennis Perry
Arlin Weingold and Natalie Pincus Helene and Bill Pittler
Charlotte and Norman Plotsky Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Pollack
Marsha and Jerry Pollak Dr. and Mrs. F. Van Poznak
Joyce and Jerome Rabkin Rochelle and George Ram
Geri and Irv Ratner Aarne and Arlene Reid
Joyce and Jack E. Reisman Janet M. Reynolds
Patricia and John Riter Robert Roath
Anne and Mel Roberts John and Sarah Robertson
Helenan and Stanley Robin Brenda and Larry Robinson
Rebecca Robinson Terry Sobrane and Stephen Roos
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rorer Linda and Norman Rose
Naomi Rosenberg Pearl and Stanley Rosenberg
Barbara Davis Rosensteen Carol Rosetti
Barbara and Chip Ross Anne Roth
Pearl Seymore and Alex Roth Harvey and Judith Rothenberg
Carolyn Rowe Helene Barnett and Howard Rubin
Phyllis Rubin Carol and Robert Russo
Fran Sadoff-Lebow Norma and Edward Salem
Elaine and Bill Salomon Billie and Steven Sandler
Stephanie and Sam Levine IMO Florence and Bernard Saxon Barbara Schancupp
Mr. and Mrs. David Schapiro Beth Schatman
Joyce and Lowell Scher Irwin Greenberg and Irene Scherer
Marilyn Schiff Linda and Michael Schneider
Estelle Schwartz Ilene P. Schwartz
Leslie Good and Leonore Schwartz Carol and Marvin Schwartzbard
Merri Scott Rita G. Seidner
Paula Sennet Jill and Neil Senzer
Monique and Leonard Sheft Dan Sherbo
Phoebe and Sam Shochat Bernice Sickle
Fran and Art Siegel Howard Siegel
Mary-Ann and Hal Siegel Anita Sigel
Sybil and Marshall Sigel William Parry and Maureen Silliman
Debra Silver Josette and Joel Silver
Mary Silver Elaine Stein and Loron Simon
Nellie Lou Slagle Edward Gerstein and Tema Smeyne
Joyce and Jack Smiley Dr. Jerrold Feigenbaum and Toni Smith
Libby and Richard Smith Margery Katzenberg and Marvin Smith
Sandy and Rick Smith Ruth and Eliot Snider
Jacqueline R. Werner and Richard L. Soffer Cindy Sojka
Marty and Felice Solomon Naomi Solomon
Gwen Solon Roselle and Marco Sonnenschein
Rose and Edward Spector Dr. Michael Starr
Mark and Phyllis Stein Jerry and Myra Stemerman
Barbara and Fred Stern Mr. Burton and Dr. Barbara Stern
Roberta L. Stern Manny Sternfeld
Caryl and Richard Stone Alan and Goldie Stopek
Roberta and Phillip Strasburg Jim Sugarman
Ruth Summers Carolyn Susman
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Tager Olivia Tartakow
Harry Tawfik Elaine and Bob Tell
Dr. Terrie Temkin Shirley and John L. Thompson
Elinor and Max Toberoff Judy and Burton Traub
Susan and Martin Trefler Charles Treuhold
Elaine C. Tucker Sharon and Jay Tunkel
Ruth Tyler Steven and Judith Varady
Katherine H. Vellis Ken Elias and David Veselsky
Nicholas Vieira Lenore Wachtel
Tom and Cameille Walch Rabbi Bruce and Lynne Warshal
Susan Krell and Robert Wax Florence Wechsler
Nini Krever and Eric Weiner Phyllis and Allan Weingarten
Mr. and Mrs. John Weir Larry and Lisa Weiser
Diane and Stephen Weiss Gregg and Rebecca Weiss
Robert and Michele Weiss Naomi and Fred Weissenberg
Carol Weltz Steven and Amy Wendt
Sam and Angela Whittaker Jacqueline Wilner
Joan Wenzel and Gary Wilson Nancy and David Wolf
Robin Woodard Marjorie Goldner and Bruce Youngman
Eleanor and Joel Yura Ruth Zalaznick
Judy and Harvey Zalesne Marcy and Jack Zeltzer
Elinor Zwerling Jean Zwicky

$1 - $99

Peter and Carolyn Agins Bernice Allison
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Lester Rothman and Sydelle Apfel
Frank Asterita Cecile Axelrod
Phyllis K. Baer Sue Berg
Fran and Sol Bernitz Ms. Claire Blanchard
Jessica and Howard Blank Helene Brower
Paulette Burdick Liz Burwen
Brenda and Gary Caplan Ellen Cohen
Heather Cohen Linda Cohn
Phyllis Cohodes Denise Cormier
Gaby and Redgy Coucke Lynn and Arthur Daniels
Beverly Diamond Mikella Disiena
Ms. Pat Doman Susan Donner
Jo Drobner Debby and David Eaton
Harold and Sylvia Epstein Adele Espo
Marcia Essner Geoffery and Marie Etherington
Ellen and Jerry Falk Rose Feinberg
Susan and Robert Felsenheld Alvin Fertel
Lynne and Perry Feyk Norma Silverman and Louis Finkelstein
Beth Fischer Sue and David Fleisher
Amazonsmile Foundation Edward and Julia Hansen Foundation
Fran and Mark Freeman Joe Ganley
Joan Gelch Ronald Glick
Suzanne Gold Barbara and Jerry Golden
Fredi Grove Becky London IMO Michael Hall
Nancy Hart Gerald Henin
Eva Hirschinger Emma Horn
Nancy and Barry Horowitz Sharon Hotchkiss
Abby and Eric Jablin Lois Jacobson
Honni Jaffe Barbara Kahn
Joyce Kahn Annette Katz
Armand and Gloria Katz Anni Kirschner
Brenda Korn Pearl Kramer
Ethel and Marvin Krotenberg Arlene Kurtis
Alicia Lessard Sheila Leventhal
Doris Litt Jeffrey Luft
David and Arlene Lurie Mrs. Sheila Magrath
Anita Manes Mr. and Mrs. Marnin Marcus
Anthony and Sandra Santa Maria Ms. Susan Markman
Gail McKay Gloria Miller
Linda F. Miller Rose Monitz
Barbara Morgenstern Sharon O'Halloran
Helen O'Keefe Opinions4Good
Sandra and Alvin Parven Diane Paster
Giselle Solomovitz Pechet Marcia and Jack Petcove
Gloria Platt Adrienne Rabinowitz
Barbara Richman Ruth Roberts
Jacqueline Robinov Sheila and Jerry Robinson
Enid Rogers John Roller
Paige M. Rose Marion Rosencrans
Francine Ross Judi and Tom Ross
Florene Roth Frumet and David Sachs
Joan C. Sall Marilyn Samwick
Frances S. Sauer Sheila Schinderman
Faith Schullstrom Bill and Ferne Schwartz
Carol Schwartz Lisa Schwarz
Albert Seidner Sydell Shapiro
Aubrey Shavonn Marcia Siegler
Edward and Kathy Sigall Dr. Wendi Levine and Mr. Hall Sisson
Joel Risch and Richard Smith Linda and Norman Spitzer
Anna M. Stathis Miriam Staub
Judith Strauss Joan and Irwin Tepper
William G. Thomas Duane Timm
Mr. James Toomey Harriet and Bruce Wallach
Stephanie Wasserman Dorothy Weiss
Frederick M. Werblow Hazel Willacy
Arturo Wittman Linda Woolsey