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'13-'14 Season Subscriptions
Though you cannot order a subscription online, the best way to order a subscription is to call the box office at (561) 514-4042 ext. 2, or visit the box office in person. If you prefer to mail your subscription information to the theatre, choose your 1st and 2nd choice series below, then print out a subscription order form and mail it to the address on the form. To get more information about subscription ticket benefits, click here.

- Note: Due to Moonfest, SE03 Saturday evening 10/26 is a 7:00pm performance.
- Some subscription dates (* noted below) are out of sequence due to holidays and downtown events. All dates and titles subject to change.

Performance Code Play 1 Play 2 Play 3 Play 4 Play 5 5 Play 4 Play  
Wed 2:00pmWM01Oct 16Dec 11Feb 5Apr 2May 21$240.00$200.00◄ Includes post-performance discussion
WM02Oct 23Dec 18Feb 12Apr 9May 28$240.00$200.00◄ Includes post-performance discussion
WM03Oct 30Dec 26 *Feb 19Apr 16Jun 4$240.00$200.00◄ Includes post-performance discussion
WM04Nov 6Jan 1Feb 26Apr 23Jun 11$240.00$200.00◄ Includes post-performance discussion
Wed 8:00pmPRV1Oct 9Dec 4Jan 29Mar 26May 14$215.00$180.00◄ Preview
W01Oct 16Dec 11Feb 5Apr 2May 21$240.00$200.00 
W02Oct 23Dec 18Feb 12Apr 9May 28$240.00$200.00 
W03Oct 30Dec 30 *Feb 19Apr 16Jun 4$240.00$200.00 
W04Nov 6Jan 1Feb 26Apr 23Jun 11$240.00$200.00 
Thu 2:00pmPRV2Oct 10Dec 5Jan 30Mar 27May 15$215.00$180.00◄ Preview
Thu 8:00pmPRV3Oct 10Dec 5Jan 30Mar 27May 15$215.00$180.00◄ Preview
T01Oct 17Dec 12Feb 6Apr 3May 22$240.00$200.00 
T02Oct 24Dec 19Feb 13Apr 10May 29$240.00$200.00 
T03Oct 31Dec 26Feb 20Apr 17Jun 5$240.00$200.00 
T04Nov 7Jan 2Feb 27Apr 24Jun 12$240.00$200.00 
Fri 8:00pmF01Oct 11Dec 6Jan 31Mar 28May 16$315.00$260.00◄ Opening Night Reception
F02Oct 18Dec 13Feb 7Apr 4May 23$240.00$200.00 
F03Oct 25Dec 20Feb 14Apr 11May 30$240.00$200.00 
F04Nov 1Dec 27Feb 21Apr 18Jun 6$240.00$200.00 
F05Nov 8Jan 3Feb 28Apr 25Jun 13$240.00$200.00 
Sat 2:00pmSM01Oct 12Dec 7Feb 1Mar 29May 17$240.00$200.00 
SM02Oct 19Dec 14Feb 8Apr 5May 24$240.00$200.00 
SM03Oct 26Dec 21Feb 15Apr 12May 31$240.00$200.00 
SM04Nov 2Dec 28Feb 22Apr 19Jun 7$240.00$200.00 
SM05Nov 9Jan 4Mar 1Apr 26Jun 14$240.00$200.00 
Sat 8:00pmSE01Oct 12Dec 7Feb 1Mar 29May 17$240.00$200.00 
SE02Oct 19Dec 14Feb 8Apr 5May 24$240.00$200.00 
SE03Oct 26Dec 21Feb 15Apr 12May 31$240.00$200.00 
SE04Nov 2Dec 28Feb 22Apr 19Jun 7$240.00$200.00 
SE05Nov 9Jan 4Mar 1Apr 26Jun 14$240.00$200.00 
Sun 2:00pmSU01Oct 13Dec 8Feb 2Mar 30May 18$240.00$200.00 
SU02Oct 20Dec 15Feb 9Apr 6May 25$240.00$200.00 
SU03Oct 27Dec 22Feb 16Apr 13Jun 1$240.00$200.00 
SU04Nov 3Dec 29Feb 23Apr 20Jun 8$240.00$200.00 
SU05Nov 10Jan 5Mar 2Apr 27Jun 15$240.00$200.00 
Sun 7:00pmSN01Oct 20Dec 15Feb 9Apr 6May 25$240.00$200.00◄ Includes post-performance discussion
SN02Oct 27Dec 22Feb 16Apr 13Jun 1$240.00$200.00◄ Includes post-performance discussion
SN03Nov 3Dec 29Feb 23Apr 20Jun 8$240.00$200.00◄ Includes post-performance discussion
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